Mein Profil

Dietrich Laurien

Executive Manager with wide range of experiences for Automotive and Electronic Industries

In the 30 years of my career I have got a wide range of different knowledge. Starting as a mechanical engineer, I early step into the development of controlled systems. I have been C-code programmer and Project manager in parallel. Becoming Manager step by step I was developing myself to a more strategic view of the company. As the result I joined the Total Quality Management project to learn about changes and leadership. I still see TQM as the grounding concept for all modern change management methods.

Since 2002 I was responsible for a car line program at Daimler AG. All my experiences coming to an operational challenge. Leadership policies, business optimization and supplier negotiations running in parallel to the technical challenges.

As I am working now as an management consultant I would like to give my clients the opportunity to participate in my knowledge. I am able to work in a wide range of projects from project management and leadership topics to process optimizing and strategic challenges. If working in your project you will not only get what is in the project focus, but all of my experiences beside. I am familiar with high standard methods and processes from one of the biggest automotive OEM. And I have done it hands on in my own responsibility. 



Published on  December 19th, 2017